Strange Days – Day 9 NaBloPoMo 2016

Well, that was unexpected.

Before I get to my usual blog topics (gardening and cute bunny pics) I may as well talk about the elephant in the room. Like many people in Australia, I thought Hilary Clinton would make it over the line, and Donald Trump would be remembered as a “what were they thinking” candidate. Mind you, Australia has a fairly mixed record when it comes to voting.

And if you think it isn’t going to impact Australia, too late – it’s already started. The ASX200 dropped something like $34 billion dollars today according to an ABC report. It remains to be seen what happens next but it appears that the US has certainly had their Brexit moment.

Meanwhile, I had a lovely morning in the garden, but with the dawning realisation that the weeds are definitely taking over. It’s been so wet and with a little bit of warmer weather everything is booming! So I spent some time clearing the way for more veggie planting. I’m trying out some different beans this year, I want to find the best for my conditions for both fresh green beans and for drying and storing. Today I planted some Italian Romano beans that I got through a seed swap. From what I can gather, this is an heirloom dual variety but I’m unsure if it’s a bush or climber, so I planted them fairly close to a north facing wall. So far, they look very strong and healthy.


Next will be a lot of weeding so I can plant out tomatoes. This year I’m planning San Marzano, Polish Giant and Principe Borghese bush varieties and Debarao climbing. My household don’t eat fresh tomato (I have difficulty digesting them raw) but use them cooked in curries and stews so I decided to try and grow enough to bottle for use throughout the year. It’s another great garden experiment – and I’ll keep you updated!

The cute bunny pic was pretty easy work today. After just over a week living here, I think Bernard Black Bunny has got used to the crazy lady who keeps intruding at meal times ❤


Tonight, I decided to have something a bit decadent for dinner. Back in August I treated my household to a fresh Tasmanian truffle and made ravioli and froze it in packets for just such a night. I cooked the ravioli quickly, drained it and put it in a bowl. Returning the empty pan to the heat, I added a little basil oil, a couple of tablespoons of pesto with shredded silverbeet and sliced snow peas. Then I tossed the ravioli in to coat it in the basil mix. It was at that point I realised that everything on the plate was home grown or home made. An incredibly satisfying revelation and a simple, totally delicious meal 😀


And finally, I looked out the kitchen window and saw this. It was too good not to photograph. Despite the state of the world, and the uncertainty many of us feel, I took a deep breath and a moment to appreciate the small things.


Take care friends, wherever you are ❤

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  1. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden)
    Nov 09, 2016 @ 22:32:45

    As an American, appreciate so having another viewpoint to what just happened here. This is going to affect all of us. And yes, I can envy you – for being in spring. Our snow season is about to start.

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    • Debra Manskey
      Nov 09, 2016 @ 22:53:22

      Hi Alana, yeah – it all seems a bit surreal! I think a lot of my o/s friends forget that Australia’s economy is effected when either the US or China has any major shift. I’m hopeful we’ll all weather it, just as we did through Reagan and both the Bush presidencies. Good luck to you, to us all.
      PS: It goes in reverse too. Every year, as winter drags through July and into August here in Tasmania, I dream of being in Paris again ❤



  2. narf7
    Nov 10, 2016 @ 06:11:56

    I don’t watch television and I go to bed early. I downloaded a Chrome extension that allowed me to fandangle the heck out of Facebook and bypass the irritating endless news section on the right hand side so I had NO idea about the state of affairs in the U.S. till about 5am this morning when all of the images of the statue of liberty covering her eyes being shared by my friends and family on Facebook suddenly made sense. I don’t have any words but I am going to borrow that image of the clouds you have here and use it as my desktop for the foreseeable future. I titled it “Hope” and that’s all we really have isn’t it? Lovely image of Bernard and the truffle ravioli look amazing but my heart really isn’t in it today. Catch you tomorrow…



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