Video Saturday

The Fringe Dwellers have an album out – “After Time” – and to promote it we’ve decided to make a video of one of my favourite songs from the CD, “Sunstruck”. Yesterday was supposed to be filming day, on my balcony in Hobart in the late morning sunshine.

Typically, the heavens opened and didn’t let up until late last night – though the irony of the situation wasn’t lost on me! 19mm of rain later, we finally got a window of sun this morning……. and I got to use my new toy.

About a month ago, I discovered this amazing little device that literally turns anything into a speaker. It’s very small and great fun to play around with. For the video shoot we needed some playback for me to synch with and groove to and the mini speaker on the wheelie bin was perfect! In the picture below you can see it on top of the bin, being fed signal from the laptop.

Mal with laptop on the plastic chair, powering my tiny speaker on the wheelie bin for playback

There’s a silly video promoting the product here – and I guarantee it sounds awesome on the toilet seat!

Meanwhile, we had a heap of fun. Made the neighbourhood wonder what the hell we were doing and entertained my neighbours and the plumber immensely.

“I don’t like make up”

I’ll be sure to post the final video here when Mal finishes editing. Take care everyone and have a brilliant weekend wherever you are!

Upcoming Events!

Hi friends,

Just a quick reminder that I’ve got a solo concert coming up next Friday, 28th September at Skwiz Cafe & Gallery in Sheffield, Tasmania. I don’t get up to the north of the state often enough for my taste and I’ve heard nothing but brilliant things about the venue and the organisers. Details here.

For those of you able to attend I’ll have copies of The Fringe Dwellers‘ album “After Time” available plus high quality MP3’s of my solo album “The Woman on the Edge of The World”  – so bring a USB and grab some music!

In conjunction with the Skwiz concert, I’m doing an interview and playing a few songs on ABC Northern Tas. This is going to air at approximately 5:30PM Friday 28th Sept Australian Eastern Standard Time – that’s +10 UTC to the time zone savvy. Thanks to the magic of the Internet this broadcast will be able to be heard by anyone anywhere!

It’s really cool to think that friends & family as far away as Broome, Singapore, Manhattan and  London are planning on listening in. If you’re interested in hearing me babble, here’s how!

Make sure you’ve got the right time – I use the World Clock at Time & Date, it seems the easiest.  Go to the ABC Northern Tasmania website and find the “Listen Now” tab (on the right hand side) and there you go! I’m performing on the Drive Show.

Meanwhile, I’m taking my new camera (Wayne) on the road with me and I’m sure to have lots of new photos to share once I get back home. I’ll leave you with a new pic courtesy of the very talented Hailey Gearman, Hobart photographer and all-round great gal!