Grrl + Grrl + Grrl = Straddlepuss

Well, it’s been a very busy time for me the past few months.  Besides all the usual things I do  – I’m now in an all-girl original punk band 😀

Sara (Drums) Kirsty (Guitar/Vocals) & me (Bass)

Sara (Drums) Kirsty (Guitar/Vocals) & me (Bass)

Kirsty is our lead singer, guitarist and songwriter – this is really her band – and it’s great from my point of view to just play and have fun!

And that’s the core ethos of Straddlepuss – we exist to have fun.

Kirsty is a very good songwriter, has a scintillating way with lyrics and a tremendous stage presence. (Any of you who were lucky enough to see her debut solo spot at the ASA a few months ago know just what I mean!) Sara is a great young drummer and brings a really positive energy to the songs – and I’m tagging along, playing bass and doing some occasional screaming…… Although I’m the first person to tell you I’m not a bass player, this has been a fabulous experience so far and I’m loving it!

If you’re in southern Tasmania this weekend, we’re playing at the aptly named GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS at The Night Owl, 112 Liverpool Street, Hobart Saturday 17th May 2014. Come on down and join in the fun 😉

Night Owl Poster 17 May 2014