I caught a break in the mad weather we’re having to take a few pics of the garden and a short film of the Ladies Who Lay, who were looking quite bedraggled this morning. Being down in Hobart, I think we haven’t had as bad a time of it as friends up north or on the east coast. Nevertheless, the tropical low that’s torn down the eastern seaboard of Australia has left it’s mark here too. The rain gauge was overflowing and my water tanks are (thankfully) filling again, but normally free draining areas are starting to pool, particularly in the chicken’s run. I’m also worried about the rhubarb bed as the crown’s are overdue to be lifted and divided. But as the changing weather patterns keep telling me, it will be what it will be and we’ll cope with it 🙂

Italian Purple Savoy Cabbages with baby weeds!

Italian Purple Savoy Cabbages

Further to my post last night, some of these photos will give you an idea of how much things have grown in the last month. Especially the weeds! It’s hard to imagine I had most of the beds clear three weeks ago, but with the mulch it’s fairly easy to remove them and the chickens love the tender new shoots.


Some of the Kale in the foreground, looking to Silverbeet, the remaining Leeks, mini Broccoli and Garlic in the next bed. And thriving weeds!

Also, I checked the new asparagus bed, which I top-dressed with seaweed and aged chicken poo from Cluckingham Palace. I’m thrilled but also slightly disturbed by some of the shoots the bed is still throwing up.


The crazy asparagus bed

Given I’m in Hobart, asparagus should be well and truly dormant by now but these barely six month old crowns are still throwing up new fronds – and some ridiculously big ones too! Since planting them out in March this year when it was still very dry (and abnormally warm), the plants have thrived. To get an idea of how much growth they’ve put on have a look at them here.

The rabbits being mostly sheltered from the north easterlies are doing fine and I suspect wondering what I’m fussing about – they are getting more than their usual ration of greens at the moment because of all the sudden growth. I should point out too that after consecutive days of frost last week, yesterday and today have been very mild. I was out in my wet weather gear and sweltering!

I’ll leave you with my lovely little hens, who are still laying enough eggs for my needs despite a statewide shortage of free range eggs ❤

My heart goes out to all the folks who are inundated across not only Tasmania but the entire east coast of Australia, as well as France, Germany and parts of the US. Wherever you are on this beautiful planet, take care ❤

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  1. narf7
    Jun 08, 2016 @ 06:10:26

    They put the flood gates up on the East Tamar side of the river, effectively blocking off that side of the river from the city and now there is water over the other bridge so we, the Easterners, can no longer get to the city unless we take some serious detours (I am talking hundreds of kilometres out of our way to get around to the Southern side). It’s a madhouse up here. We live 40km away from the city but you would never know what was happening in the city as I type this from here. The water is still on our end of the river (near the sea) and although there is the odd log floating past and the rescue helicopter keeps buzzing us through the day, and our TAFE classes have been cancelled for tomorrow, there is precious little to show of the floods. Our kids live in the city (on the higher ground) and people on the lower side (Invermay etc.) have been evacuated. These are strange times we live in and this is worse than the big floods back early last century apparently. The river still hasn’t peaked (10am today/Wednesday) and they really don’t know what is going to happen. I guess it is just wait and see now.

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    • Debra Manskey
      Jun 08, 2016 @ 08:49:03

      I’m listening to the radio at the moment – fingers crossed for Launceston! And I hope the chaos (and the floodwater) subsides soon for you too!
      It’s actually sunny in Hobart though I know it won’t last. I’m about to go out and start surveying the damage to the garden – but coffee first!
      Take care x

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