The Fringe Dwellers – Sneak Preview

The Fringe Dwellers are my new band – Mal Battersby (The Bat Band) – guitars & vocals, Oscar Neyland – bass guitar, James Excell – drums and me on vocals & rhythm guitar.

As some of you might be aware, it’s a very long time since I’ve been in a band and this is shaping up to being a very rewarding experience! The music is a broad mix of genres, with songs written by Mal and some by me.

We’re just in the final stages of completing our first full recording “After Time” and it’s sounding excellent!

For those of you in southern Tasmania, we’re playing our first proper pub gig next Friday 22nd June at The Grand Poobah in Liverpool St, Hobart. It’s the end of mid-year exams for all my uni friends, so we’re planning to party! We’d love to see you there 😀

Meanwhile, this is one of my favourite photos of Mal & me, taken by our beautiful photographer friend Saria Phillips…… it kinda sums things up pretty well – we have a lot of fun 😉

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