Therapy with the Bees

Since I last updated this blog, Britain voted to leave the European Union, lost its Prime Minister (and most of the Brexit big wigs along the way) and gained a female PM. Australia has seen a painfully protracted election count (to follow the longest campaign I’ve ever seen!) And this week Hobart had snow to sea level, followed by cyclonic level winds and finally, flooding in the south of the state.

Then I switched on the television news a few days ago and saw what had happened in France and (at that stage) 50 or more people dead. I immediately switched the TV off. Yesterday, it was a failed coup in Istanbul, another 250 plus people dead and I wondered, not for the first time, what happened that the world got to be such a mad and angry place. My response was, as it is to most traumatic things, is to hide in the garden, pull weeds and talk to the animals – they seem far more sensible than a lot of people at the moment.

The wind did some reasonable damage to parts of the garden and I had to spend some time Friday morning making sure the baby bunnies were safe and secure after their hutch was damaged in the gales. Apart from being pretty skittish, they were ravenous as ever and settled back to normal once food appeared. I think the greenhouse roof is going to be okay after tightening roof bolts but I really hope it’s solid for September and October, the traditional months for high winds here.

All in all, we got off fairly lightly compared to many homes and gardens but I’ve been stitching up bird netting today and there’ll be a lot more of that over the coming weeks. Some of it ripped branches of fruit trees and they’ll need attention too.

Over the weekend I finished weeding and pruning the raspberry bed, moved some escapee canes from the path back into the bed, top dressed it with straw from the rabbit hutches and repaired the netting to keep the blackbirds out. I think it looks pretty good and hopefully we’ll get another bumper crop this coming summer.


I finally got around to liberating the cabbages and some of the kale from the mass of weeds that sprung up during the mild, wet weather. This winters’ crop are an Italian purple savoy type I haven’t grown before and I’m really impressed with the colour and the growth they’ve put on for this time of year.


All in all, this weekend’s been gloriously sunny and despite the damage that had to be dealt with, it’s been a joy to be out in the yard and away from the madness of the world. Also, I met a lovely young woman who came around to do a plant trade and found we had a lot more in common than a love of growing things. I hope that’s a friendship that develops.

Sometimes I feel quite overwhelmed with sadness about where we’re heading globally, and I tend to retreat into things I have some modicum of control over, such as the yard and tending the animals, providing clean food for my family. And then I meet people like Kate and things start to make a little more sense again. Perhaps that’s where the real revolution is waiting – one yard at a time 😀

Finally, both my rosemary plants are in flower despite the time of year, and they’ve been literally covered in bees the last few weeks. It’s been lovely to take a break and just sit and watch them 🙂


Take care of yourselves people, be kind to one another and when you have the opportunity, plant more seeds and take time to watch the bees ❤

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  1. narf7
    Jul 18, 2016 @ 03:28:15

    Sometimes (in fact most of the time) it’s good to stop looking at the big picture and direct our gaze back at where we can make a difference. Social media has given us blogs, Facebook etc. that make it easier to connect on a global level but never before have we had such easy access to world events and on such a huge scale and as good news tends not to sell newspapers, we get every bad news story in triplicate on various formats. To decamp to nature, to the garden, to animals and to new friends is the logical antidote. Glad your property didn’t suffer too badly in the winds and flooding and good to hear the baby rabbits are doing well.

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  2. jenny dewis
    Jul 19, 2016 @ 09:59:57

    We sure are able to stay sane by retreating to the garden when we feel troubled…nowhere else am I so where I think….its why I dont get depressed….my other outlets are books and singing…belonging to a choir makes me feel happy too! Your blog is good! Thanks for doing this!

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    • Debra Manskey
      Jul 19, 2016 @ 13:16:52

      Hi Jenny,
      Yes, my backyard creates work and sometimes headaches (like when we have ridiculously high winds!) but I love what it does for my soul and my diet 😀
      I write and sing for a living but it still makes me feel better. One of the big things I’ve noticed is how singing on a regular basis helps so many of my students.
      Glad you like the blog! Take care and keep gardening, reading and singing 😀
      D x



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