Something to Cheer About

It’s so odd. I’m blogging from my greenhouse this morning. The door is shut, I’m rugged up and wondering where the southern spring has disappeared to.


There’s snow on Mt Wellington again and I’m wondering if we’re going to have any proper, Australian sunshine before the end of the year.
Plants are getting rain damaged and I’m going a bit mad from looking at all the weeds that I can’t get at yet. The beautiful lilac tree is testimony to the damage – but it’s still gorgeous♡


On the upside, I discovered tomatoes that have (so far) survived. I can hear one of the hens, telling the world she’s laid an egg. The basil in the greenhouse has noticeably grown, along with everything else in here And my water tanks (my only means of watering the backyard) are full.
Along with this, the garden keeps giving and giving – we have so much food! – and I am cheering 😀


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