Joe Abercrombie & Happening Hobart

It’s all been at my doorstep recently, wherever I turned there was something to see, do, attend, revel in – and this was just in and around Hobart!

Last weekend there was wonderful community-building The Works Festival at Glenorchy, Music Tas’ Amplified Festival (that I was very proud to be involved in with The Fringe Dwellers). The previous week we had Synesthesia at MONA and the Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival…… and a visit from Joe Abercrombie – one of my favorite writers.

For the uninitiated, he’s the author of six books all set (so far) in a world not too dissimilar from our own in the late middle ages or early renaissance . The First Law Trilogy (1. The Blade Itself, 2. Before They Are Hanged, 3. Last Argument Of Kings) is an epic, humorous, brutal and twisting introduction to this guy’s universe – and I wouldn’t recommend it to the squeamish! Best Served Cold (my personal favorite), The Heroes and recently released Red Country are stand alone novels that include characters from the trilogy.

Apart from the fact he writes really well, he’s also quite a charming young man and has a family to feed – go buy his books 🙂

The delightful Joe Abercrombie

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