The Fringe Dwellers play Amplified Festival

The Fringe Dwellers ripping it up at Amplified 2012

After a super-busy week (including storms and tornado warnings for downtown Hobart!) The Fringe Dwellers got down to the business last night at The Grand Poobah in Hobart and played at the Music Tas Amplified Festival.

It was a total hoot, with heaps of friends there and lots of new ones. We played a cracker set and generally had a brilliant time. Hoping to have TFD gig news soon! Check out The Fringe Dwellers’ Facebook page for updates πŸ˜‰

Meanwhile, our good mate Lindal McDonald took some great pics…. hope you like them!

Peace to you all,



The Fringe Dwellers at Amplified 2012

From L-R: Malcolm Battersby, Debra Manskey, James Excell & Oscar Neyland

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