Another Bunny Hop Backwards or How I Became Zorg For a Day!


It’s been over a month since I received notice that I wouldn’t be able to have ADSL2 anymore. Ok, fair enough, happy to change over the NBN. Found a potentially very good provider, Australian-based, place an order.

Six weeks later, finally have a date for a contractor to come round and install the cabling and box. Brilliant – it’s today!

Now, after ringing my prospective telco and the NBN co several times today because the contractor didn’t show up, I discover that he did! Apologies, unknown local contractor – I’m sorry if I said nasty things about you. It was my frustration showing, and my concern about that online Bachelor of Communication I’ve enrolled in that starts at the end of November. (The only prerequisite is a broadband connection).

It appears that provision to my house has to be via the existing power poles, and Aurora Energy – that Tasmanian bastion of all things illogical – wouldn’t allow access. And my prospective telco (bless them for trying!) just rang to say the expected provision of service is now January 8th 2014!!!!!

Be aware and warned, Tasmanian readers especially – this is why the NBN rollout is taking so long. I also found out today that I am not alone. My new telco have many, many cases like mine. It isn’t NBN – it’s Aurora holding up the rollout.

So you see me now, chewing up what’s left of my mobile phone credit, chanelling my inner Gary Oldman/Zorg, desperately looking for something to blow up……….



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